A la carte services

  • Personalized excursions. Propose your idea.

    We all have ideas and concerns when visiting a place like Cadaqués and its coast. Propose your type of excursion. We are open to your suggestions.

  • Reservations for 3 & 5 excursions.

    ¿You are going to spend a few days in Cadaqués and want to enjoy the sea to the fullest in the morning or in the afternoon? You can book us for 3 or 5 outings at a single price with a catering with local product but always different. Shall we talk about it?.

  • VIP tracking regattas and other events.

    Our “Blue Experience” offers comfort and services on board, with the right power to watch the regattas, take part in sea traditional processions or watch swimming competitions. We are at your disposal!

  • Services for film and advertising producers.

    Watertight spaces for equipment, comfort to work at ease, catering on board, speed of movement and safety. We know from experience what is required and what you are looking for. Reach us!.

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